Income Generation

CESA –Uganda encourages farmers to start up small income generating activities by training and equipping them with entrepreneurship skills, business idea generation, record keeping, savings and credit management and also provide them with Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) kits to be able to save, borrow and invest their own money as capital. Here the women farmers save every week and when money accumulates, in every meeting, the money is credited to few members to undertake different micro income generating projects and after selling, they return the money back with a small interest.

Micro agricultural revolving loans

CESA –Uganda  also provides micro agricultural revolving loans at a small interest of 2.5% per month for farmers to use as start-up capital or add into their already existing businesses. This supplements the Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) methodology. 

Women rights awareness, advocacy, and leadership education

CESA –Uganda advocates for and creates awareness on the rights of women: to own property, their sexual and reproductive health rights, political rights and domestic violence. There is evidence of attitude change as we see increased access to land by women due to increased spousal (husband) support, economic independence, women taking up leadership roles and a good joint home working relationship.

Health improvement (Clean Water, Hygiene & Sanitation, Reproductive Health & HIV/AIDS)

CESA –Uganda aims at improving the water, sanitation and hygiene situation of the communities we work with, especially in schools where we sensitize in good hygiene and sanitation behaviors, construct gender and disabled sensitive pit latrines, establish health clubs and install rain water harvesting tanks.  We also create awareness and provide support on HIV/AIDs and sexual reproductive health in the farming communities.

Food and nutrition security

Combined efforts to Save Uganda (CESA – Uganda) promotes sustainable/organic farming practices that use locally available materials in farming. We provide start-up inputs like improved seeds/seedlings/cuttings, animals and poultry to the rural poor communities we work with in Uganda to ensure organic farming. CESA –Uganda does this to ensure sustainable productivity, increased household food security and nutrition among the rural vulnerable communities. Increased food production reduces nutrition related diseases like Kwashiorkor among others.

Environmental Conservation

CESA –Uganda aims at reversing the negative effects of man’s activities (excessive cutting down of trees for wood fuel & timber) on the environment by promoting the use of sustainable farming methods like organic farming, agro-forestry and use of energy saving technologies like briquettes, biogas, energy saving stoves and promotion of green energy by provision of solar lights, solar driers and other solar technologies.