Our Goal

Improve livelihoods of rural Vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in Uganda.

Our Mission

To access and build up resources necessary to facilitate and develop a rural poor woman, youth and children through empowerment, training and advocacy.

Our Vision

A self-reliant health woman and youth able to support themselves as a result of increased household food production and incomes in a protected environment.

Combined efforts to save Uganda (CESA –Uganda), strives to improve the rural vulnerable – poor communities in Uganda especially the women, youth, children and persons with Disabilities in the following 5 areas.

Combined efforts to save Uganda (CESA-Uganda), is an indigenous dedicated result oriented and not for profit Women Non-governmental organisation (NGO) established in 2004 as a Community Based Organization (CBO) to fight discriminative practices that inhibit the grass root women farmers’ potential to engage into production and reduce poverty, hunger, environment/climate and health problems and improve on human rights especially for women, youth, children and disabled persons

CESA – Uganda’s specific goals/objectives:

i)To empower rural women and the communities through initiation of income generating projects to alleviate poverty among the rural populace.

(ii)To educate and train local communities in modern methods of sustainable agriculture for food security.

(iii)To sensitize and train women in human rights (for women, youth, children & disabled persons), advocacy, child nutrition, family life education, HIV/AIDs and community based care methods.

(iv)To promote sustainable practices those protect and conserve the nature.

(v) To improve health among the women, youth and children.

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Meet The Team

The Cesa-Uganda team is a group of individuals working together to achieve a goal. Meet the people with complementary skills who generate synergy through coordinated efforts which allow each member to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. These are more than just a collection of people with a strong sense of mutual commitment who generate performances greater than the sum of the performance of its individual members.

  • Nakato Hadijjah
  • Doreen Naggayi
  • Mubiru Abu Kubooza
    • Angella Nakato
    • Shafic Kiyaga
      • Aripo Judith
      • Eva Zalwango