Your time and your talent can empower entire rural communities.


CESA -Uganda is on a mission to be an organization with excellence, focusing on the poor and the vulnerable or disadvantaged groups including women, children and persons with disability (PWDs) who are most and worst affected by poverty, social environment, and calamities to bring about change within their families and their communities. It takes many people to accomplish this, including a dedicated team of volunteers who provide social, economic and health skills and help to conduct our programs and activities like support staff in finance and mobilization and health outreaches


Who is eligible to be a CESA- Uganda Volunteer?

Volunteer positions are open to all individuals who meet the qualifications outlined below, without regard to race, color, gender, national origin, age, or disability. The minimum age is 18 years by the start of your volunteer service.

Most of our current mission outreaches have a project focus but you do not have to be a professional to serve. Although the missions and the mission teams do have professional providers as their stronghold, there are many roles to be filled by general volunteers that bring their own unique skills to the team.

 These volunteer programs require commitment of time (which may vary depending on the program) and additional skills like excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Teaching experience and public service experience are also helpful. Depending on the location, other skills may be needed such as local language(s), clerical, computer and research.

Sponsor a Woman to Receive Training
Women in the villages often lack the educational and economic opportunities to create their own solutions to poverty. And yet when a woman has access to capital and the education to use it well, she becomes the instrument of her own change, empowered to improve living conditions not only for herself, but also for her family and community. Education in relevant life skills can change a woman’s life – educational training sessions that are relevant to their daily lives; for example, training to develop a business or to manage money effectively, improve health or fight injustices. They learn to have confidence in themselves and their abilities, to make decisions, share ideas, and speak up for themselves, becoming community leaders and agents of great social change. Make a difference in the life of a woman in Uganda. Your donation helps fund training for a woman in need especially in agribusiness, health, fight injustices etc


Support rural school children with and without disabilities to get water tanks and toilets
You can now help orphaned school children with and without disabilities by supporting the construction of rain water harvesting tanks and toilets that are sensitive to gender and children living with disabilities
The safe water provision, hygiene and sanitation conditions in almost all orphaned schools in our area operations in Uganda are very poor and pathetic.

St Agnes Orphanage Christian Education Centre Children walk long distances to get water while on the left they study under the tree and more susceptible to all forms of weather conditions thus affects their academic performance

There is no single protected well in this area or nearby, thus forcing the pupils to walk long distances ,wasting a lot of time like 3 hours every day searching for un protected water (ponds shared by animals) Also these schools have poor sanitation i.e. they are so old, almost filled up toilets with no private rooms for girls to change their pads during their monthly periods, thus forcing some girls to decide remain at their homes, together with infections of poor sanitation related diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, worm infection, malaria etc, have affected their health and poor academic performance


Support our Staff Capacity building in Monitoring& Evaluation, fundraising and financial management.
For effective and efficient providing services to our communities, and due to new staff who joins us, CESA-Uganda would always continuously like to build the capacity of their staff in the above mentioned areas