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Currently we work with the most rural poor disadvantaged and war affected areas in Uganda.


Combined Efforts To Save Uganda (CESA), formally known as Maganjo Farmers Association (MAFA) is National Women not a profit making, Non-government organization (NGO) with Reg. Certificate No. 0341 and Ref. No. INDR8563356NB which was established in 2004 to fight discriminative practices that inhibit the grass root women with their children to engage into production and reduce poverty, hunger, environment women rights and health problems.

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Request to support CESA-Uganda make ‘Hands free wash tippy taps (model 02CESA)’  to reduce the spread of COVID19 and other diseases related to poor hygiene in the communities of Uganda

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Provision of Solar lights in Uganda
In 2018, CESA-Uganda got into partnership with Let there be light international (LTBLI)-USA headed by Mrs Sarah Baird, who has supported 1100 rural vulnerable communities like HIV infected people, Breast feeding mothers, the disabled, business families and school going children with solar lights

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Self –reliant – health woman and her children able to support herself as a result of increased household food production and incomes in a protected environment.


To access and build up resources necessary to facilitate and develop a rural poor woman and youth through promoting empowerment, training and advocacy.

Main Goal

Sustainable improved livelihood of the rural poor communities in Uganda.

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Joint family efforts increases food production in households
Food and Nutritional Security

According to the recent surveys made by NDP, ¾ of the population of Uganda live in rural areas and are food insecure, thus causing hunger and malnutrition…

Members of Nazigo Farmers Cooperative supported by CESA-Uganda sell their crop produce in one of market days.
Economic Empowerment/micro Revoving Credits

Despite the different Governmental programs aimed at reducing abject poverty among the rural populace in Uganda, there is still a very big…

Agro-forestry practices supported by CESA-Uganda for environment conservation in Luweero District.
Environmental Conservation & Solar energy

In Uganda, there is a continuous excessive felling down of trees & destruction of swamps by mostly the youth for money & fuel purposes, thus land degraded…

Cerebrate for good sanitation' children from Monde primary school in Luweero District are happy about the newly constructed toilets by CESA-Uganda
Health Improvement

The five leading causes of death in Uganda included communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, respiratory tract infections, and diarrheal diseases…



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CESA -Uganda is on a mission to be an organization with excellence, focusing on the poor and the vulnerable or disadvantaged groups including women, children and persons with disability (PWDs) who are most and worst affected by poverty, social environment, and calamities to bring about change within their families and their communities. It takes many people to accomplish this, including a dedicated team of volunteers who provide social, economic and health skills and help to conduct our programs and activities like support staff in finance and mobilization and health outreaches

Stories of Success

Mrs. Ssekitto Jalia in her poultry project

Mrs. Sekitto Jalia is a 35 years old lady living with three children together with her husband Ssekitto James. They are both members of Kyota Mugavu farmers group situated in Kyota Mugavu village, Bamunanika Sub county Luweero District. Before CESA-Uganda‘s intervention, Jane and husband used to do farming for home consumption…

Children of Buweke primary school –Luweero District receiving their newly constructed VIP latrines and a water harvesting tank from Mr. Mubiru Abu K (in a cap) – CESA Executive Director

Before CESA-Uganda’s intervention with support from World Mercy Fund, Buweke primary school children were walking long distances like 3kms to fetch water, moreover from ponds…